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  • Update .... I have since entered this project into 2 hardware contests here     and here I'm also in the process of sourcing parts for version 2 with the smaller raspberry pi zero and smaller power supply   The problem - Security cameras are still complicated to install, setup, and use. Most require a technician or a handful of frustrating calls to various tech support places. And the average person may still not be able to see a video feed outside of their local home network. 2 primary components that all video cameras require are power and data. For medium to higher end setups this means running cables. Even cams that have Wi-Fi still require a power source that better

    Aug 22,
    - by kelley
  • I recently got to repair a broken Panasonic Plasma TV It was much trickier than I expected. I have replaced power boards before in Vizio’s but they were LCD The first this I did was plug it in and turn it on to confirm the 10 red blinks. Then I took the back cover off to see if any caps were blown. There did not appear to be any bad spots. To the internet… I searched the model number to see what would come up. I use duckduckgo instead of google or bing. A few things come up notably some videos on youtube about how to fix a bad power board but those videos were for older models of TV.

    Feb 08,
    - by kelley
  • This project started with a customer bring me 2 kindle 3rd generation e readers want one fixed. His original was dropped and broke the power switch. The other one he bought for parts it had a broken screen. The other difference between the 2 devices besides the broken parts was the original was a 3g model and the broken screen one was WiFi only model. I didn’t know that until after I had them apart. The 3g model is also one they bought while over seas. So I popped some covers open to see what I could do. The first ideas was to try to replace just the power switch but that didn’t work because the power button is integrated into some

    Jan 08,
    - by kelley