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  • The idea was to make a diy version of this monster book from harry potter.   The one they used in the movie is probably a several thousand $ remote control robot but with the right parts I think we can get something close that jumps around or wiggles a bit. Before I started this project I looked around online and found several tutorials on how to decorate a monster book but none on making one move. So here is my version...     So there are 2 parts to making a good monster book putting some electronic guts inside the book for the motion decorating the outside of the book to look like a monster ( I did not decorate

    Sep 16,
    - by kelley
  • A future relative of Apple's siri and Microsoft's cortana will replace the majority of people for customer service call center jobs. There are a number of innovations currently under way that will conspire to make this possible. Think about it, a lot of time when you call customer service today the call is already being answered by an automated system that tries to router you to the right place. These automated systems are just a few years away from being sufficiently smart enough to do a lot more than just route your call. In no particular order here are some thoughts on it: Skype can translate voice calls in real time between people. Understanding natural language won't be a problem

    Apr 03,
    - by kelley